Privacy Fence Slat Inserts for Chain Link Fence
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Fence Slats Privacy Inserts for Chain Link Fencing

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Our Fence Slats (chain link inserts) are highly durable, American made and of the highest quality. They add privacy, wind protection and color screening to your chain link fencing. Choose from our wide selection of top-lock, winged and hedge slats and improve the looks of the your chainlink mesh and ultimately to the appearance of your property. These items are in stock in our warehouse facilities and orders are usually shipped out in 2-3 days. Just add items to cart to view a total price with any shipping costs or email or call us with any questions.
»» All Fence Slats come in bags that cover 10 linear ft.
»» Pricing below is for the standard 2" mesh chain link fabric.
»» 2 1/4" or 2 3/8" prices available upon request. Send Info
Made in the USA
Our Fence Insert Slats
are Proudly made in the USA

Regular Top-Lock Privacy Slats
Top-Lock PVT Slats Privacy
Height Price/Bag Color Qty.  
4' $36.00
5' $44.00
6' $50.00
7' $62.00
8' $70.00

Winged PVT Slats
Winged PVT Slats Privacy
Height Price/Bag Color Qty.  
4' $43.00
5' $56.00
6' $63.00
7' $80.00
8' $90.00

Instant Permanent Hedge Slats
Permanent Hedge Slats Privacy
Height Price/Bag Color Qty.  
4' $85.00
5' $103.00
6' $105.00
7' 140.00
8' $160.00
10' $210.00
Standard Slat Colors
White Green Brown Tan Redwood Gray Black Blue
Colors are approximate. Please request slat samples for actual color.
Custom colors, heights and mesh sizes available.